The first stage of your child’s learning


1. Imparts essential life skills.
 2. Enhance learning and interaction through
3. Cultivates creativity and develop curiosity.
4. Improves imagination through artistic skill.


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About Us

A School with kid concept, a place where children can grow and develop while reading, listening and playing. Here they move from dependence to Independence- from shaky coordination to refined skills, from body language to verbal communication, from self absorption to growing social awareness. Some call it Pre- School, some call it fun-school, we call it ROCKIDZZ School, the chain of schools that believe in enlightening children by entertaining them. Rockidzz looks like play school but rather like a kids heaven.


Interior and exterior design, a standardised look with  branding support to enhance the aesthetic skills of your kids. Specially designed to suit the young, bouncy and eager pre schoolers, keeping in mind their inquisitive and extrapolative nature. The bright façade of our play school building and the clean, colourful interiors combine in creating the perfect atmosphere for the children to react in & pick up the basic skills. There are no formal classroom , just thematic rooms like an audio/visual room, art & craft room and so on. The rooms are well stocked with non-toxic toys & equipments as per the theme and learning objective of each room

Social/Emotional Growth

Social/Emotional Growth

Social/Emotional Growth

President’s Message

“The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind by an open one, open to learn, Unlearn, relearn & embrace all with compassion.” 

The world of tomorrow will be created by the citizens of today. Therefore, the responsibility to contribute something worth while to the society rests on these citizens. The driving force behind

the setting up of INDO SUNRISE GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS was our keen desire to enlighten young minds and nurture their hidden talent. We started our journey in 2017 with an aim to provide
enlightening, liberating quality education to our learners. We are confident that with our commitment to quality education, which emphasizes holistic development and acquiring knowledge. We shall
empower our students with the confidence to emerge as successful individuals.

I welcome parents and students to be a part of INDO SUNRISE GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS family to share common ideas and aspirations as we build through a challenging and enriching
educational experience for our students.

Dr. Noor Khan
M.B.B.S, M D, C.C.I D , Australia
Senior Cardiologist at Manipal Hospital

Chairman's Message

“Education is the orientation of  mind to imagine, think, create and recreate. Our ethos at ISR is to guide the students towards this”

The most important gift that we bestow upon our youth is “Education” and it is our greatest responsibility to do so. We consider it our bound duty in INDO SUNRISE GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS to ensure that every pupil in our charge is educated to the fullest extent of

his/her capability and is prepared academically, morally and socially to take his/her place in society with his/her best prospect of success and fulfillment. It is our task to bring together the influence necessary to make this happen in every case-good teaching, responsible parenthood, caring and social leadership to make sure that every student is correctly assessed for potential and fully developed.

As Roger Levin said “ Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve”. We believe that achievement is education and establishment is the prime objective results. The ultimate achievement is every single student is given care to bestow his/her efforts.

I look forward to work with the whole staff of ISRI to meet the challenges and assignments, promise you my dedicated application to go ahead

Mr. Riyaz Khan
Indo Sunrise Group of Institutions