1. Imparts essential life skills.
 2. Enhance learning and interaction through fun.
3. Cultivates creativity and develop curiosity.
4. Improves imagination through artistic skill.


The Kindergarten at  ROCKIDZZ are meant to be a highly rewarding experience for children. As the child grows out of its infancy, it begins to explore the beautiful world around with its senses and mind. The visual and aural interplay between words, sounds, colours and images combined with the tactile experience of handling new objects stimulates the growth of neurons in the child’s mind, paving the way for its normal

Our aim is to guide the children to develop their mind constantly with fine motor skills , auditory and kinesthetic skill. Functions, weekly celebrations, subject enrichment activities, field trips, Audio Visual learning help students to stimulate and entertain through this vital phase of life.

Our team of KG teachers who love mingling with children will ensure your child is engaged and entertained, through this vital phase of its

Rockidzz Junior

1. Special activities for developing language skill. 
2. Age appropriate learning with exclusive learning tools.
3. Encourages students to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings.
4. Allows children to grow at their own pace

Rockidzz Senior

1. Building and enhancing vocabulary.
2. Developing attention span.
3. Innovative methods to enhance reading and writing.
4. Preparing children for primary school.